Message from the President

Thanks for stopping by our new website, please have a look around and enjoy some of the moments captured over the years. There’s a fair amount of contact information, in addition to events that are up and coming.

 I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all members of the NWT Broomball executive for their hard work and commitment to broomball over the past few years.  We have a dynamic group of individuals working to make this incredible sport fun, competitive and basically there for all to enjoy.  Most of us truly feel this is “The Greatest  Canadian Winter Sport” . 

NWT Broomball has been around “officially” since the mid 1980’s.  Some of the same faces still sit on the executive today, which is a testament to the love of this sport by many.   We have contributed thousands of dollars over the years towards our Elite players in their endeavor to win medals at the World Broomball Championships, Western Canadian Broomball Championships and the Canadian National Broomball Championships, both Senior & Junior, male & female.  Some of our teams have captured gold medals at these events. Many of our players have made the National team and/or have received tournament trophies for best goalie, most sportsmanlike, top scorer and MVP.  Way to go folks!!

If you want your child to participate in a fun sport that offers great cardiovascular workouts for one hour each week, this may be just the sport for your family!!  Contact info is on the Contact Us page!

There are a lot of travel opportunities for those individuals who wish to pursue a competitive level of broomball.  Men, women and junior level players travel to various competitions each year.  These are fast paced tournaments that provide our athletes an opportunity to play at a higher level of competition.

In closing, I would like to say that this sport has given so many people lifelong friendships over the years. Having played multiple sports in my lifetime so far, I can honestly say I’ve never met a more dynamic and wonderful group of individuals than those in the broomball community.  The friendships that have developed have been long lasting, completely respectful and quite frankly, incredible.

Thanks to all of you who have taken time from your day to help develop and maintain our sport, from your executive all the way through to the community level volunteers. Your hard work and dedication are appreciated more than you can imagine.   I give you my most sincerest thanks for all your time and energy.




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