Although we cringe to think people don’t know the sport, we know it’s possible.  With that here are the basics!

  • It’s played on ice (like hockey) except you run and do not skate; with specialty shoes!
  • It was founded in Canada WAY back in the 1800’s!!
  • Object of the game? Get more points (goals!).
  • It’s a team sport where each opposing team has a center, two forwards, two defense and a goalie on the ice during regular play.
  • Players are required to wear:
    • Broomball shoes
    • Helmet
    • Elbow pads
    • Shin pads
  • Players can optionally wear:
    • Gloves (broomball specific, lacross or hockey are acceptable)
    • Knee pads (if not built into your shin pads)
    • Cage or visor for face protection

It’s ridiculously entertaining… and FUN!

You can buy gear in Yellowknife at Overlander Sports and Canadian Tire, and there are multiple online options, and here’s just a few: Acicia Broomball; D-Gel.